Wednesday, January 11, 2017

IT IS WRITTEN...........................

 It is written in the 
Scrolls of the Bronx Tao
 "that one can not save
 eyesight by looking the
 other way......."

 On this blustery day in
 San Francisco so much
 bluster blew in from east. 
 Sounds of political beast. 
 Trumps on Alice will continue
 to feast and new power helps
 to increase.

 This mornings "first interview
 by media since July" gave new
 prez opportunity to rant on with
 impunity that was "pure rehearsed
 entertainment by pros." Even lady
 from "prestigious law firm" did a
 "finally tuned rehearsed act!" Sooo
 what do "we" take from all that? 
 Trump life "day to day" will go on.
 Political power, entertainment are
 together on working man's back.
 Locomotive coming through tunnel
 and trickle down economics is in
 that funnel. Will lay out funds to
 build wall that all illegals will then

 Daily life will go on.  Many believe
 good life will be later and find out
 retirement is part time waiter. Now
 is what we have and everything else
 is something called later.............

 Winter is upon us and now is no
 time for cross country bus. Amtrak
 allows all to discuss while slowly
 crisscrossing Alice. Find out who
 "your fellow Americans are...."
 Then wish upon a star...........

   Barry McChangky          *#:-S whew!    QUACK! 

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