Thursday, January 5, 2017


 Media keeping track who
 is coming and how long.
 Like Obama it appears DEMs
 will come out strong to tell
 Mr. Donald why he is wrong. 
 Donald will tell "them" to go
 back where "they" belong. I
 fear second coming of Gong
 Show and Alice will be daily
 loser. Enforcer will be bruiser.
 Media will be confuser and I
 hope to leave on a cruiser.........

 Pick 4's today were a toss with
 losing late pick 4 in last leg to
 pay little and could have made
 more on first playing fiddle. No,
 here there is no riddle, only loser.

Weather here wonderful if on east
coast but cold and blustery in town.
 On face won't put frown while I wait
 for beginning of next triple crown.
 Spring is on the way..............

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil        QUACK! 

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