Saturday, January 14, 2017

WINNERS BUT......................

*B-) cool Saturday and hanging out
 playing horses, winning but
 you don't hear a shout. Like
 draw after 12 round bout. Bet
 and lost small pick 4 but used 
 last three races to hit pick 3. 
 Bet and hit late pick 4 but sure
 could have paid some more. 
 Hit third through ninth race to
 find myself even. Seven winners
 in the snow...............

 Weather cleared but remains cold
 unless your kind of bold. Weather
 will not hold I have been told. Black
 ice on roads around Seattle. What
 will happen next week back east as
 beast begins to rear head. Like all
 wild animals Putin needs a meal and
 has been seen wandering outside
 your village. Changing of Alice's guard
 is good time to make a move, anywhere.
 Smokey the Bear preparing for bout with
 The Red Bear coming at someone else's 
 expense. Coming soon! Theater of war 
 near you............

 Countdown is almost over.
 Will "things" now get done?
 Trump to play it loose while
 family has run of fun?
 Will women be flocking to church
 to join up to be a nun?
 What if The Donald turns out to be
 one trick pun? If The Donald says 
 it is safe will you go sit in sun.................

  Barry McChangky              *>:) devil         QUACK!

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