Tuesday, February 14, 2017

AT THE DENTIST..................

 *B-) coolBeautiful day for San Francisco
 and ride out to ocean and V.A.
 Chris gave nice ride to begin
 At the dentist,
 hope things go okay.
 At the dentist. 
 Dentist is a charm,
 at the dentist.
 Believes and carries out 
 dentistry without doing
 any harm. Cost at V.A.
 is right on so have no
 need to sell the farm.
 At the dentist, dentist!

 World of politics have
 many worried, full of buzz
 and looking to see if there
 is room in bomb shelter with
 your long lost cuz! Flynn is
 gone and Petraus is being
 considered but must report
 new job to parole officer! 

 Just be ready for next roll out
 and force moving forward.......

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil        QUACK! 

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