Friday, February 24, 2017


 Nice Friday morning as we
 head towards end of winter.
 Spent yesterday mourning
 loss of John Thomas Hartley.
 Died seven years ago but gave
 me many years by unselfishly 
 putting himself in enemy's way.
 If I didn't have a tooth root canal
 tomorrow would spend today 
 continuing remembrance in 
 San Francisco style. 

 The Donald is pleasing his base
 heads of all departments who have
 not read Orwell, who has not been dead
 long enough to be considered history 
 warned us in 1984/Animal Farm of crap 
 NOW in "our"face! WHAT A DISGRACE!

 Back in the day in high school above
 mentioned books were mandatory
 reading in eighth grade. Today it was
 reexplained to us what it means to 
 "use our military" to hunt down illegal

   Barry McChangky          *>:) devil        QUACK!  

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