Thursday, March 16, 2017

FIRST DAY OF REST..............................

 *~^o^~ cheerFifty three years ago today
 took subway to Whitehall St.
 in lower Manhattan to be
 sworn into U.S. Army. Always
 seen it as first day of rest of
 my life. Life is good.

 Another day of denying, lying
 with lots of whining. Trump IS
 center of every news day and
 I'm thinking there is lots of stuff
 going on while media plays to
 The Donald's every whim. Only
 takes moment to get hours of
 coverage that is a barrage of 
 deflection in every direction. I
 guess for real "media types" like
 returning Charlie Rose an erection!
 That is what is known as speculation
 or an "alternative fact!"  Media types
 love mileage from daily serenade.....

 Backwards looking budget rolled out
 today and what is left to say? Trump
 PUT HIM WHERE HE IS!!!! This should
 be known as Trump's Orwellian Roll out!
 And Trump has told "them" it's for their
 own good..............

 Racing returns to Aqueduct tomorrow.
 Card looks playable with "the spread!"
 Monti canceled three days due to bad
 weather and there will be some hungry
 drivers, trainers and owners Monday.....

 Barry McChangky           *>:) devil          QUACK!   

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