Sunday, March 12, 2017

IS JIMMY RIGHT................

 *&lt:-P partyYOU MUST TRY,
 AT LAST...........
 Song on my mind
 from out of the past.
 People try and try
 but find themselves
 in a famine fast. 
 Sweet western civilization
 enjoying economic blast,
 health care costs on upward
 spiral to make one gasp. 
 You'll get up tomorrow and
 SUCCEED AT LAST..........

 Trump's salesmen all over
 Sunday morning news, how
 many so scared are back to
 church pew? If you can reach
 success can you sustain or is
 like "for two cents plain?"
 Trump's numbers still in hidden
 form because his own people
 find them insane. Senator from
 great state of Wisconsin follows
 predecessor Joe McCarthy and
 "just says anything........"

 Fall of 1972 while traveling to west
 coast went through Wisconsin on
 unfinished highway 80, stopped at
 "local diner."  At end of counter were
 three dairy farmers having coffee.
 These three over sized hard workers
 had small white tubs in between very
 big fingers to open "non dairy creamer."
 Asked for the "dairy creamer" known
 as milk. Just opening shots...........

 San Francisco has beautiful day with
 nice temps, sun and time for some of
 that walk around food like pork on bun!
 Not the political variety............

  Barry McChangky           *&[] gift       QUACK!     

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