Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 *&lt:-P partyMarch has come in like
 lion and going out like
 a lamb but back east are
 bracing for last blast of
 The Winter Beast. Monti
 cancelled early and many
 airports too. Will be a bad
 time for homeless and any
 old lady living in a shoe....

 March brings renewal and
 reasons for looking forward. 
 March 15, Ides of March.
 March 16, began long march
 taking oath for military service.
 March 17, first day of fishing
 out of City Island, New York.
 Oh yes, ST Patrick's Day!
 March 18, turns to 318, lucky
 number at harness, flats and
 day of Celebration of The Alan's
 birthday, for what that's worth...

 Find me a Trump.
 A kind heart-ed  Trump.
 One that will not lower self
 to level and smell of garbage dump.
 IF millions of OUR fellow Americans
 lose health coverage how will economy
 bump with no reason for workers to go 
 out and pump? What happens in NEXT
 economic slump..............

 Wonderful spring day for San Francisco.
 Getting ready for trip north and then all
 points east at end of The Winter Beast.

  Barry McChangky         *&[] gift           QUACK!

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