Saturday, April 8, 2017

MORNING AFTER......................

*~^o^~ cheer She woke this rainy morning
 to get herself a beer. Came
 back to bed and woke me to
 say,"there ain't no damn beer!"
 "In my house we don't drink
 beer or fatten up on Bambi 
 that cute little dead deer!"
 She shook those double D's
 in my face and that must have
 been best place because I got
 out of bed and went to get her
 a six pack to match here stack...
 Life is good.......

 Looks like rain all day here in
 San Francisco and although 
 Aqueduct is rated "fast" two
 turf races turned on to dirt. 
 Should send this young lady
 back east to flirt and get real
 scoop on track conditions.
 Big races with card of twelve. 

 Have some Love Shack goodies,
 plenty of B and V winery wine and
 lady getting dressed to leave...........
 Life is really good........and it's raining. 

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party         QUACK!  

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