Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OH WHAT A DAY...............

 *>:) devilOH WHAT A DAY.
 Everything started out okay. 
 Worked out pick 4's and 5 for
 Aqueduct and Monti. Bet $8,00
 at Monti and hit 50 cent pick 5
 for $42.00 $38.00 ROI. Bet early
 pick 4 at Aqueduct and had first
 three winners but lost at wire to
 17-1 shot. Eight race card makes
 fifth race pivotal as last race of
 pick 4 and 5 and first race of late
 pick 4. PIVOTAL!!!!!!!!!!Need I say

 World is spinning as human race
 is sinning and like Billy Joel sang,
 "Only the good die young!" Some
 still pray, everyone will pay. There
 is no way out of world wide fray. 
 "War out there" is very much still
 here and there is no way to be safe.
 Knuckleheads have gotten upper
 hand and now "we" living in world
 of TRUMP LAND............If you STILL
 believe in "future" what do you have

  Barry McChangky           *:-S worried          QUACK!

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