Sunday, April 23, 2017

SUNNY SUNDAY MORNING.....................

 *:(game) play gameGood weather for San Francisco
 today and will meet long line to
 re-up my medicinal cannabis card.
 Maybe wait until tomorrow,,,,,

 Sunday morning news is full of blues.
 All getting ready to tighten screws.
 Science is marching for "fair" share
 of budget and baby needs new pair of
 shoes. Those marching are not out
 there for those "with nothing left to lose!"
 Divided nation continues to leave many
 at the station. How many worried about
 immigration registration................

 Syria, oh Syria, What is left to fight for?
 Cities and towns leveled with mass exodus
 out of nation. WHOLE OF MID-EAST IS A
 TERRIBLE SITUATION! Back in Land of Alice
 still fight over integration, Migration again
 big deal in nation. Be careful attempting to be
 a hobo for railroad yard guards have own mojo!

 Aqueduct spring season coming to end. NOW
 here comes Belmont and Saratoga! Lots of turf
 racing and The Belmont. Rooting for candidate
 for triple crown so I can bet against it in THE 

  Barry McChangky              *[]==[] exercise                 QUACK!

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