Saturday, April 15, 2017

THERE'S TEXAS HOLD-EM.............

 *B-) coolNice Saturday morning with
 temps calling for shorts. I'm
 not into sports but comfortable
 for walking around San Francisco.
 Then there is gambling.
 Some like Texas hold-em.
 Barry likes pick 4 spread-em. 
 Need to be clever but don't need
 cells from a stem. Turf racing today
 at Aqueduct of three year old's.
 Weather is good, track is fast and
 may be great day for large ROI!!!

 North Korea has made it plain. 
 Don't intimidate! China has come to
 admit it can only throw a fit when on
 its border is enough hungry North
 Koreans to pull a fat boy bomb across
 the border! Who needs missiles? 
 Trump must learn to engage brain
 before starting mouth. Policies are folly.
 He congeals, but not jolly. Can one imagine
 lyrics about Trump by Buddy Holly.........

 Have an industrious spider living in and
 around front window frame. How do you
 make it go back from where it came.......

  Barry McChangky           *:)] on the phone          QUACK! 

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