Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 *>:) devilTuesday morning and another
 wonderful day for San Francisco.
 Lots of early street noise with so
 many neighbors on the go, to work.
 Some have no benefits while some
 have perks. It is not that one is smart
 and other a jerk it's all about where
 bean counters lurk. 

 While Trump's troops regather rest
 of world in a lather. So many ongoing 
 civil and revolutionary wars that one
 needs to be traveler from Star Wars. 
 Most of world at work just doing daily
 chores, morning showing of whores
 and Joe Metro's on way to work busy
 and ignores............

 Dark day at Aqueduct but live dead
 racing at Monti. Watch first over try
 going by stands and lose 5 lengths
 on turn in wasted try. Daily menu....

 Tomorrow 51st anniversary surviving
 gun shot wound in Viet Nam. Again as
 always thanking those that stepped up
 and gave me chance at life............

   Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party       QUACK! 

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