Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 *B-) coolNice day starting with trip to
 The Love Shack for some of
 that medicinal cannabis. I do
 say it looks like, smells like
 and works like "pot!" Look at
 all the packaging in products 
 of pot and it must be said, pot
 has arrived. Will legalization
 survive? Like my wonderful
 friend Charles would say, "we
 can only hope............."

 Spoke to buddy Ray O'Sunshine
 and he is doing fine on first leg 
 of new beginning. Well, it's only
 first inning and game should be
 very interesting, exciting and now!
 Like Phil Rizzuto said," Holy Cow!"
 The Man has turned himself loose
 on the world.............

 Day without Trump must be day
 of real sunshine but not to be. 
 Red neck Trump, married to real
 honest to goodness Cossack with
 "nice" Jewish son in law all living
 in same tent. In business world all
 continue to make plenty of cents
 while whole idea "they are divested"
 is such a lie it calls for all citizens to
 cry. Only lobbyists should apply....
 Supply and demand has become
 demand and supply. Trump's demand,
 Trumps get new China labels.......
 One hundred years from now all will
 try to figure out Trump's legacy and
 impact on history. WHAT A MYSTERY!
 In the now look out you don't have to
 go  back to the plow............

 "This" generation from joining in on
 "community activities to benefit all"
 has some kind of "immunity!" Look
 on being member with impunity. It's
 about "me, I and why should I?" 
 Where have all reasonable people gone?
 Not long ago but right now.........

  Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party        QUACK!  

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