Friday, May 5, 2017

FRIDAY IN SAN FRANCISCO.......................

 *B-) coolFriday from Thursday is down
 about twenty degrees. Sun is up
 and will warm into early evening.
 Just in time for evening news!
 Lots of talk that is really a balk to
 bend over for Trump and deliver
 "any health package without name
 of Obama-mama on it!" Proverbial 
 fan will stop turning when hit by all
 that bullshit. No "numbers, official
 or not!" Take "them" at "their" word!
 As Chuang Tzu the great Chinese
 philosopher would say,"absurd."
 but in a nice way...........

 Track at Belmont sloppy today and
 small fields with no turf. Changes
 name of handicapping game today.
 Did all the handicapping anyway to
 get batting practice for The Belmont.
 Will pick winners that name includes
 BEAR. Personal handicapping gimmick,
 not a trick but sometimes a treat..........

 May do Bell Tower tonight and upon an
 unsuspecting young lady, introduce myself.
 Life is good. Tomorrow Kentucky Derby!
 Will check out field of twenty.............

  Barry McChangky             *=)) rolling on the floor           QUACK! 

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