Tuesday, June 27, 2017

JUST ANOTHER DAY...................................

 *&[] giftTuesday with fog to broken
 cloud cover clearing to windy
 afternoon. San Francisco is in
 seasonal weather but up north
 rivers are getting ready if not
 already feeling effect of winter
 snow at twenty seven feet up
 in mountains now thawing. Also
 earthquake activity. Connected?
 Life in northern Cali getting ready
 for major change in landscape?
 Highways out of commission are
 causing "havoc" to normal way of
 convenient life...................

 OUT THERE" so gather friends to
 enjoy soylent green and beer! This
 is world "we" were warned of and now
 live in and are ready to pass on as is. 
 Makes me feel like I'm living in world
 of "1950's used car salesmen!" What
 would George Orwell think of way "the
 people" act or not on daily reports of
 death and destruction "our" government
 is part of. More time spent looking for
 Michael's other glove or real glove used
 by OJ to give wife/boyfriend final shove.
 One is about to love or not to love..........

 Should Alice's kids be worried about all
 those "things" not being discussed but
 moved on by prez and the crew? Lots of
 noise about lots of things while "our"
 pockets are again picked? 

 Had good Greg Merton day picking up
 some dollars on early/late doubles and
 straight bet on $21.40 winner. Life is good. 

    Barry McChangky            *#-o d'oh!           QUACK!

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