Monday, June 5, 2017

MORNING AFTER.......................

 *;) winkingSunday was day full
 of handicapping and
 betting. Another day
 of four out of five and
 three out of four. Yes
 I will go back for more!
 Finished off day with an
 with mushrooms and fresh
 garlic with two glasses of
 Tapestry. Had to find way
 to a winner.

 Monday is very nice so far
 with good temps and sun.
 Looks to be good day for
 walking around eating pork
 on a bun while having fun!
 or are you remembering 
 looking down barrel of gun?
 London Bridge is falling down
 and Big Ben won't keep time!
 Still sitting at London bar with
 gin and lime while terrorists turn
 streets to slime. How do you stop
 those willing to die on spot..........

 I am not sure of this "stiff upper lip"
 attitude with "we just carry on!"
 "Be careful of how you retaliate."
 "They" may come with something
 much worse! Reality is "they" ARE
 Are YOU ready for more? This threat
 is beyond threat because actions are
 being completed somewhere, everyday!
 What is "price" you are willing to pay......

  Barry McChangky             *:( sad         QUACK!   

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