Sunday, June 18, 2017

SUNDAY MORNING..............

 *~^o^~ cheerSunday morning and am on
 my way. Last day of stay in Monti.
 Had good day Saturday at track
 with payment on pick 3 and 4 due
 to rain cancellation. Third race
 payment of $20.00 winner for sinner.
 Tonight will enjoy dinner with family
 in da Bronx. Tuesday home to Cali.

 Life here in Monti is quiet. Not much
 to do after track. Food is okay. But do
 not look to go bar play. When the new
 casino opens in March or April better
 pray that it draws for a couple of years.
 For anything else no cheers. Lots of
 drinking of beers................

 Going to watch Sunday talking heads
 for wide world of political gossip. GOP
 has to clean up prez's slop. The justice
 department is the cop to take on crop
 of knuckleheads..............

 Barry McChangky            *:-w waiting         QUACK!

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