Sunday, July 2, 2017

SOMETHING FOR TOMORROW.........................

 *8-| rolling eyesMcChangky is not a guy
 who believes in tomorrow.
 There is now and what has
 been called the past. Like on
 Yom Kippur our Jewish family
 would do "the fast while looking
 back, remembering "the past..."  

 Now lets look into matter of what
 I believe is a great bet tomorrow
 at Monti, the pick 5. The bet uses
 "best trainer/driver combo!" That
 is Basilone/Deveux. Combo does
 not have entry in first leg being
 third race. BET ALL on leg one.
 Next four races has combo entry
 for a $4.00 total bet. I call this bet
 "winners for sinners!" 

 Beautiful morning in San Francisco
 now turning overcast after a no fog
 start. Still may be good day to walk
 and check out local art. Artists are
 important part of community........

On to "Talking Horses" at Belmont
 that has no resemblance to those
 "Talking Heads" of Sunday morning
 "let me talk at you talk shows!"

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party        QUACK!     

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