Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CRUZ MISSILE..................

  Here comes Cruz missile aimed
 at heart of Alice while going on
 attack to invade The Palace.
 This guy is just full of malice!
 He's a Cruz missile that in short
 time will fizzle. Like bad steak is
 full of grizzle! Not guy to follow
 over top when blowing his whistle!

 GOParty is looking for a smarty and
 one that is hearty! All candidates do
 know way around The Party and are
 hoping at end to be there for the party!
 Palin today endorsed The Donald and
 may be followed by The Tea Party? In the
 wings as "dark horse" is Ryan who is
 very used to lying may be applying!
 Comes from part of Wisconsin with same
 demographics as predessesor with only
 difference being are children and grand
 children of those that sent Joe McCarthy 
 to Washington. "The Great American Fascist!"
 Same down to the sole, just don't look alike!
   Barry McChangky                 *>:) devil           QUACK! 

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