Friday, January 22, 2016

DREARY DAY IN SAN FRANCISCO.........................

 Rain has arrived with chill.
 Can not see Potrero Hill or
 Twin Peaks. Hoping roof is
 solid without leaks! Season
 of rain is here and happy is
 Smokey the Bear! Saw him
 at Bell Tower drinking beer,
 sitting in a chair? Sight that
 I must say is rare! Will next
 president be careful with a
 dare or try to do old school

 Here comes Donald and not
 talking about Ronald McDonald!
 In lead, has stamina and speed!
 Will he go distance or found to be
 cheap speed? Is "he" what Alice
 really needs? Hard to find in past
 record of "good deeds!" If he is 
 change then must be "future's seeds!"
 Or will it all turn to "weeds?" Is that
 coming face of GLOBALIZATION? 
 Or does he mean it when saying lets
 pick up our nation? LOOK OUT!
 Can play dead man laying on gurney! 

 It is written in Scrolls of the Bronx Tao
 that man and weather exist in common.
 Can NOT depend on either..............

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK!

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