Thursday, January 21, 2016

DON'T MAKE IT EASY.....................

 So many politicians
 coming down road,
 all looking to unload.
 Some want to own you,
 some want to control you,
 none are a friend of mine.
 Don't make it easy!
 Never make it easy!
 Without good candidates
 it's all just sleazy!

 Candidates on the stump,
 belittling each other,
 not seeing other as a brother 
 and in what closet is
 "The Hidden Lover?
 Do you know them?
 Would you defend them?
 Or keep looking for a gem?
 Don't make it easy!
 Never make it easy!
 Write in none of the above party,
 go to next bar, party saying
 "have to get something better
 for what I'm paying!"

 As campaign moves on
 down election road at
 what point will it all implode?
 Will "ONE" candidate rise to
 occasion and explode? 
 Do ballot boxes have secret code?
 Has bonding genes been lost
 from Alice's kids genetic code?
 Getting to seat of honor
 at presidential ball will be one
 that "hears the call?" 
 Even if one should stall
 don't make it easy!

  Barry McChangky      *&lt:-P party      QUACK! 

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