Friday, January 15, 2016

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU..........................

 Got up this morning hungry
 for some news without any
 of those insider clues. With
 politics last night, Sean Penn
 less than a delight and there
 is somewhere there is a fight!
 CBS Morning Show heavy on
 entertainment and news light.
 No Char'ly Rose to be caught
 again picking not winners but
 that damn nose! Friend of Opra
 lets personal social commentary 
 like a river flow. Cheekie Cheeks
 or Miss Bones has yet to grow
 into teleprompter reader. So let
 me entertain you...........

 Sean Penn has picked up activist
 pen and went into jungle just to
 bungle El Chapo's life on run. For
 watchers at  home lots of fun to
 see El Chapo outgunned. Just like
 video game for the insane. Now he
 has to worry about coming falling
 very hard rain! Stay tuned! So let me
 entertain you...............

 BERNIE AND TRUMP! Go together
 like camel without a hump! These
 two have gotten the jump! Bernie
 may make us "happy" but Trump
 baby will still be a hump but don't
 mistake, not a chump! Bring together
 with good ump and watch both slide
 into a slump! But one gets a bump!
 Donald knows how to "play" a frump
 but will never dump? Will Bernie turn
 into Forrest Gump? I DON'T KNOW!
 So let me entertain you...............

 Sun in my window, chill in morning air.
 Don't need to go far to see despair. 
 Obama-mama has showed he cares but
 seven years and all those fears. Believe
 he has been "at times" sincere but GOP
 has sent "us" all crying in our beers. 
 Seen leaving town was Smokey the Bear
 who I hear is in did I
 entertain you?

  Barry McChangky            *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!

 Tomorrow: Hard Hitter..........

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