Friday, January 15, 2016

IMAGE OF MASTER CHEF...................

 Like an exploding napalm bomb
 Trump continues to take all air
 out of political talking room. 
 Not like he will make clean sweep
 with "I am right" broom. Just look
 at this guy groom! Promises "us"
 an economic boom! Says have no
 fear because he can hear when 
 elected world will cheer! Not deep
 on any political subject that matters,
 but knows dishes from platters.
 Knows about steers from sirloin to
 rump. More like a short order cook
 but has image of master chef......

 The Donald talks "to" rather than "at"
 the voters. Not a spokesman/lawyer.
 Off the cuff and very rough! "Needs"
 to play bad guy and be tough. Like
 Mick Jagger, enough is never enough!
 He does look shiny from daily buff and
 looks so cute when he's huffed! But I
 would not say he has the right stuff! 
 I wonder if he does "puff?" Bet HE can
 get "the best stuff!" In end The Donald 
 is more like a short order cook but has
 image of master chef..........

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil        QUACK!    

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