Saturday, January 16, 2016

SATURDAY PICK 4'S.........................

 Be careful what you ask for!
 Catching up on 5 year drought
 and some complaining of pain!
 Just goes to show you!

 Got tip that panned out and yes
 as I won there was a shout! Not
 like going all the way in 10 round
 bout but horse went to front and
 took short route. Pick for second
 lost by a very small nose! Close
 I suppose. TO THE BANK...........

 Entertainment can't get away from
 far away election without late night
 hosts getting erection! Goodness,
 from comic point of view one hell
 of a selection! NOT be asked onto
 correct show is seen as rejection!
 Real news by "editor's " selection!
 Teleprompter readers by looks not
 journalism like politicians covered.
 If looking good expected to be not
 misunderstood! For the GOP now
 I understand Trump, larger than life
 bull rider in a small arena...........

  Barry McChangky      *>:) devil       QUACK!

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