Monday, January 18, 2016

LITTLE PAST SUNDAY.........................

 Just a few hours past Sunday
 that was full of rain. More rain.
 In season of the rain and there
 is no reason to complain due to
 fact of needing water.........

 Sunday talk shows show that
 this coming election to be full
 of rejection. Just look at that
 selection and there is no way
 to get excited but dejected!
 Media has become so full of
 themselves can't see that old
 school is dead school and to
 follow that road is a fool! It is
 Trump who "knows" how to
 use speaking tool! The Don
 is under fire but remains cool!
 Did Chal'ly Rose on camera
 fall asleep and drool? Throw
 him back into the pool! Over
 everyone's eyes has Trump 
 pulled the wool! Like I said
 The Don is an experienced
 bull rider in a very small arena!

 Rain is still coming down and
 will be here to greet morning. 
 Will today be boring................
 or roaring!!

   Barry McChangky      *&lt:-P party  QUACK!

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