Sunday, January 31, 2016

WHAT A TIME................

 Marvelous Sunday morning in
 San Francisco, home to Super
 Bowl town. Will diamond be put
 into mayor's crown? Look other
 way to see March of the Homeless
 wearing very long frown! All glitter
 and party for wealthy and hearty. 
 Next week will those that have
 more than enough meet on field
 of the streets those with nothing?
 Where Super Bowl meets Tidy Bowl!
 Oh, what a time to be alive.....

 Put down party dish before making
 next wish for knuckleheads running
 a muck in Iowa. "They, the media"
 has said "our" fate is in their hands.
 Gold and green of corn can not be
 seen in all that white. Saw wearing
 dreads wannabees on the right. 
 Flicker of the candle is not light. 
 Homeless there REALLY" out of sight!
 Good place to start March on Super Bowl
 and make so many feel uptight!
 Oh, what a time to be alive..................

 Europe opens and closes refugee door
 while keeping those already there to be
 still sleeping on the floor. Many places
 seeing breakdown of law. Bodies washing
 up on European shore while some help
 but most ignore. Movement of humans is
 for Corps of the Hard Core! Only thing one
 can be sure of is not to be sure! 
 Oh, what a time to be alive..............
 Time when one is not sure of what
 it means "to thrive!" 

 Written in the Scrolls of the Bronx Tao,
 when one changes position or mind
 is considered a "flip flopper." It is a 
 very human experience.............

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil     QUACK!

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