Monday, February 1, 2016

WONDERFUL MONDAY AFTERNOON......................

 Sun is up with slight chill
 but this I never get my fill.
 Eagle has landed and paid
 rent bill and some for the will.
 Life is good on Florida Street
 where one hears Latin beat. 
 Stores are expensive but will
 never cheat. Always check out
 the meat.....

 Don't know who is winning or now 
 in defeat but it all comes from way
 behind "the media" sheet. Just like
 Wizard and just as bizarre! So many
 "wars out there" that never could
 print enough signs saying beware!
 Travel anywhere a real dare even
 crossing highway by deer. Come on
 home from "the job" with six pack of
 beer and into families heart put fear.

 Iowa today having caucus which is not
 much difference than carcass! The decision 
 will kick defeated dead and into those
 left standing happiness and dread!
 Some have funds that been bled and
 are already in the red. But politicians
 always remain well fed...........

 San Francisco is tourist crazy and all
 for SUPER BOWL a up, around and
 not at all lazy. Bustle and hustle in step!
 Brought along lots of pep and hope two
 teams are not inept! Secret well kept?

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil      QUACK!

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