Thursday, February 4, 2016

IT'S ALL SAN FRANCISCO.....................

 Out there in the street,
 where Super Bowl City
 and Town Without Pity
 meet. Really rich meet
 face to face with many
 living in defeat. New 
 shoes never on "their" 
 feet. For Super Bowl
 none have been offered
 a seat but asked to stay
 out of sight and be neat!
 Tourist dollar is for store
 keeper to collar!$$$$$$$

 Sun is out and warm for
 day in February. Lots of
 tourists roaming up and 
 down Market Street. Can
 buy "anything" right out
 there on the street.......
 Especially young meat like
 ball player sent home early!
 Tourist will spend lots while 
 "they" offend those with not
 a thing and must depend.....
 Leave behind garbage then
 home they send....souvenirs. 

             Life is good......

   Barry McChangky    *B-) cool  QUACK!

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