Friday, February 5, 2016

MARLBORO MAN MEETS...................

 Wonderful weather today as
 Super Bowl gets closer. CBS
 carries game and lead up is
 what I call commercially lame!
 Only ourselves to blame for
 wanting "things" with a name.
 Wealth and poverty hitting our
 local street and ball players 
 only on the field worry about
 defeat while homeless wish for
 old Russia would throw a beet
 while complainers get a beat.
 Do you have $5,500 dollar seat?
 Has your world changed from that
 of the Marlboro Man to Catheter Guy?
 Life is not as good but to keep up
 appearances tell many a lie...... 
 World is on fire that will not expire
 but toss that Super Bowl coin....

 Life for each moves on for all even
 those living easy by the beach. To
 have "more" has become a reach. 
 Civil service no longer blue collar
 position of the past and pay checks
 disappear real fast! All the glory of
 Super Bowl presentation coming in
 our face and like knucklehead in front
 of congress yesterday sees no disgrace!
 Just more everyday life in our face........
 Will your 401k let you retire at economy

    Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party         QUACK!

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