Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LIFE IS GOOD BUT......................

 Great day in San Francisco for
 boating or watching giant waves
 crash to shore. Call world wide
 is out for Tsunami Surfing by 
 best in the world. 30 are expected.

 Media out telling voting voters you
 got it all wrong! Rubio "should"
 have been strong. The Don puts a
 feather in cap not matter how bad
 is the rap! Clinton back sitting in
 Wild Bill's lap and message is "we"
 ain't buying your crap! SLAP! 
 But the beat goes on..........

 Had winner today at Monti for short
 $5.80 price, SEAFOOD MIKE! Came
 home like on a motor bike! Thanks...

 Life is good based on where one wakes
 up in morning with some only get to do
 some more mourning. Violence or threat
 of has gripped The Spectators. Group
 that feels paying most of their taxes is
 where responsibility ends. Sorry, begins.
 May have your seat in heaven with all of
 those sins but life down here is where
 dues are paid. Sorry about not having a
 maid or how much you made? Life in 
 Land of Alice is not everyone's palace
 but where are you going to wake up 

  Barry McChangky            *:O) clown     QUACK!      

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