Thursday, February 11, 2016

LUMP SUM/DEM SUM............

 Had crazy as any dream 
 last night that was not
 one of fright. Found me
 looking in from outside,
 asked if I had anything
 to hide? No use to lie for
 it may be about pride....

 "You are winner!" 
 That was announced.
 Picked myself up after
 second or third bounce!
 "You have payment coming
 in pounds, dollars or ounces!"
 Will it be 26 payments with last
 at 96, or lesser amount now? 
 "Let's go have sum dem sum then
 on full stomach think about lump
 sum............." That question is not
 like gum, don't need to chew on to
 get flavor. Charlie Chan said that
 as he "cameo ed" through my dream.

 Thursday morning came too soon
 for I didn't get to see end of cartoon.
 Rags to riches like a buffoon and
 telling sad tale singing out of tune. 
 AWOKE! before seeing any winning
 numbers and tried to go back into
 deep slumber! Life sometimes is like
 cucumber, you can eat the skin but
 who wants to? Another day here in
 overcast San Francisco. Life is good.

 Maybe I saw a 444ourteen...........

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil     QUACK!


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