Tuesday, March 1, 2016

AGAIN, THE EAGLE LANDS..............

 Tuesday morning with lots
 of sun and clouds rolling in.
 Peek a boo day for San Francisco.
 Out there in Alice land today is a
 big day for political grandstanding. 
 When will "real" platforms come out?
 People like any mob there to shout.
 Everyone hoping to gain a little more
 political clout by hanging on to last
 round of political bout. Isn't it about
 who will shed less doubt? Looking on
 back so many ended up with gout....

 Refugee problem on other side of
 ocean is very much in motion. If you
 look other way may get notion that it
 is okay to impede "their" motion......
 Alice's current election is not about
 natural selection but who will put up
 wall to show absolute rejection......

 May the "winner" of today's primary
 Like Corps of Hard Core very hearty!

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil      QUACK!

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