Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MERTON CLAN.................

 Another mixed day of weather
 in San Francisco but warm. 
 Sun poking in and out. I'm in
 house for "telephone appointment
 consultation." VA hospital to call
 so I can re-up on medication. Had
 to wait for week for appointment.

 Checked out card at Monti and in
 last race Merton Clan at it again. 
 Superfector with four members of
 The Merton Clan involved!
 Two horse, Sensationalist is trained
 by the old guy John Stubis, father in
 law to two Mertons.
 Three horse is trained by Basilone who
 is Bobby Merton's main squeeze. 
 Five horse is driven by Mike Merton 
 seven is Greg Merton in the bike. 
 WHO DO YOU LIKE ? Four horses in same
 field on half mile oval! 2357 box is answer.

 Sun now shining real warm into window. 
 Nice day to be out and about. No doubt.
 Almost time for my medical................

  Barry McChangky            *>:) devil           QUACK!

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