Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GREAT DAY IN SAN FRANCISCO...................

 Good memories pouring into
 dreams overnight. Some very
 pleasant, some not. Complain
 I will not even over being shot!
 Luck has come and will come
 to me again.............
 Media tied up with politicians
 and non issues of substance.
 "The Media" taking "active" roll
 and not reporting. Telling us who
 not to vote for, for our own good.
 Sounds of gangsters from the hood!
 Investigative reporting on back burner.
 Have to go to "foreign stations" for any
 news about refugee movement towards
 Europe. It's so easy to look other way,
 won't have to help pay anyway! Don't do
 enough for "our" homeless other than to
 step over and say, "god bless...."
 Opiate dependence over the top in states
 of early north east independence! Came
 home from The Revolution and every war
 to neglect, lack of respect and those who
 "got to stay home" saying what the heck!
 "House" never deals from full deck......
Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK!     

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