Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TOMORROW @ MONTI..................

  Tomorrow will be fifty two years
 ago I left home and was sworn in for
 service in the United States Army.
 Here I am in San Francisco still
 standing straight up. Tough enough
 to bet The Merton Clan in fifth race

 In this non-winners of ANYTHING
 Mike Merton from rail on Wink and Nod.
 Two post is that Merton hiding behind
 curtain trainer Stubis's Sensationalist.
 Three post is Master Gregg in the bike
 driving Regalwood. Out side post goes
 to Delores Basilone, main squeeze of
 Bobby "turnkey" Merton, Top Gun Raider.

 Box all four in exactas, triple and supers!
 Then open up nice bottle of cabernet and

  Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party    QUACK!

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