Saturday, March 12, 2016


 Saturday, rained all day.
 Some building an ark and
 some went right to top to
 pray. Aftermath will be on
 going decay. Water level
 is rising in San Francisco
 bay and living on coast is
 not place to stay. Time to
 head for high ground......

 Fighting in political street
 is more common than any
 think. Press is choosy when
 it comes to who is winning
 and who is in defeat. Life on
 political trail is not very sweet.
 Why eat rubber chicken when
 you can eat meat...........

Needed rain is here and so am I. 
That I'll be inside is not a lie. Will
 amuse myself with pick 4 tomorrow.
 If I win it is no sin and if I lose won't
 be more than a fin...........

  Barry McChangky       *8-| rolling eyes      QUACK!  

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