Monday, March 14, 2016

SUN CAME OUT......................

 Sun came out this Monday
 morning with slight chill.
 San Francisco appears to
 have survived all that rain.
 Too many days without any
 sunshine makes some insane. 
 Rain season not over but I'm
 not swimming to White Cliffs
 of Dover. Travel to Europe?

 Good weather in Monticello
 with winter Beast being mellow.
 Up in mountains here snow by
 the yard for skiers who like it
 soft not hard. My nose is now in
 full point to go back east for week.
 Betting Aqueduct not for the meek.
 Belmont is coming............
 Watching horses NOT running in 
 first two legs of triple crown.......

 WORLD is upset not with Trump
 but those in GOP looking other way
 as "he" takes next dump! It is not
 The Donald who looks like a chump!
 Alice should be getting ready to make
 this knucklehead jump or "we all" will
 get what we deserve. Do "you" know
 who LBJ was speaking about when
 opening up with "my fellow Americans.."
 In November "we all" will find out..........

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil          QUACK! 

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