Thursday, April 14, 2016

I'M LEGAL, YA SEE............

 Nice Thursday in San Francisco
 so I went out to renew my card
 for medicinal cannabis. Called
 Vet Cab and was taken for a ride!
 Driver short on pride but did not
 lie. "Just a mistake and took
 off two dollars from meter. Nice.
 Tip was same as price, Nice.

 Entered and at the front desk was
 handed stack of forms to fill out. 
 Looked like I was in for six round
 bout, no doubt. But all went well
 with "The Doc" knocked out six
 in no time at all. Went back to
 front window, had my photo card
 and paper work handed to me with
 "You are now legal again, come back
 on time next time!" Went down to
 The Love Shack and smoked $16 joint!
 First one since, since oh this morning!

 Looking to travel some. Probably east
 after winter beast leaves. I have not a
 thing up my sleeve..............

   Barry McChangky           *:-h wave        QUACK! 

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