Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WHAT A GREAT DAY.................................

 Great day of sunshine with some
 very stiff winds. San Francisco is
 in for a walking around day. I do
 not have much to say other than
 I need to re-up medical cannabis
 card but getting out door seems
 so hard. Maybe into hanging out
 playing The Bard or maybe up my
 sleeve have another card.........

 New York! New York!
 Everyone turning out to gawk! 
 Where pigeon is a meal of the hawk!
 Want something done timely grease
 the wheel with plenty of pork! Seen
 fleeing was Mindy and Mork! Here
 comes not the judge but knuckleheads
 who on issues won't budge because
 too busy waddling in sludge! And of
 coarse all deny holding a grudge! So
 to start None Of Above Party WHO WILL
 GIVE FIRST NUDGE? Maybe old time 
 rockers The Vanilla Fudge!!!!!!!

  Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK!    

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