Sunday, April 17, 2016

LITTLE BIT OF.........................

 Sunday afternoon with
 beautiful sky without a
 cloud to be found. So I
 did a little bit of betting
 on The Distaff and I won.
 Watched little bit of golf
 just to have some fun. 
 Had little bit of steak left
 over on bakery bun. 
 Looked around for some
 thing to do but found none.
 Maybe spend time on a pun
 and maybe NOT go for a run!

 Where will current crop of
 candidates be taking us? 
 Out into land of Alice to find
 out why sooo much fuss!
 Meet farmer named Gus who
 came to discuss why HE is so
 damn disgusted! But stayed 
 long enough to enjoy pork with
 plenty of mustard! When looking
 for "TRUTH" all are easily busted!
 To find "the truth" one must seek
 out and find fortune teller booth!
 Looking back on good old Americana
 how many stories about Babe Ruth
 had any truth..................

  Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party    QUACK!

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