Monday, April 18, 2016

LOOKING FOR LEADERS.....................................

 Spring Monday in San Francisco
 with look of maybe good things 
 to come. But planet is shaking
 in too many places and rain is now
 falling by feet per minute in Texas.
 Caught floating by a Lexus. There
 is no respect by mother nature for 
 sticker price. In New Yawk they are
 throwing dice picking one or more
 knuckleheads for prez election. 
 By now most have indigestion and
 are still looking for recognition. All
 are on "The Mission!" 

 Living in time of three party system.
 Three parties running candidates to
 include Dems, Gop and The Media.
 Media has more to say than anyone
 and held least accountable. From
 teleprompter readers to salesmen.
 Sit around like overfeed lion in the
 afternoon sun. Make jokes, say a pun.
 Make fun of Alice while swallowing a
 pork loin on a bun. All have someone
 in sights but never carry a gun. Like
 card carrying  Francophile Chal'y Rose!
 Long time ago wrote and spoke great
 political prose now falls asleep on set
 caught picking not a winner but his nose!

 Time for dinner.............

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil         QUACK! 

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