Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NIGHT BEFORE 420 CELEBRATION...........................

 It is night before annual 
 420 celebration of medicinal 
 pot in San Francisco. Like
 locusts spreading pot has
 arrived everywhere in land of
 Alice. There are those that say
 even in the palace. If that is so
 why so much malice?

 Knuckleheads in New York out
 to cut up the pork. I heard seen
 voting was Mindy and Mork! 
 From celebrating wine bottles
 flew many a cork as all are staying
 just to gawk. If I am nominated will
 just have to balk as I take a walk.

 Weather has been great and look to
 hang for couple of weeks then east.
 Gone will be The Winter Beast......
 but always a feast!

   Barry McChangky         *B-) cool     QUACK!


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