Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MORNING NEWS.........................................

 Woke early to take out garbage
 and returned to watch morning
 television, some call it "news."
 One can get a better and more
 even call sitting in church pew.
 Yesterday's primary election in
 New Yawk left Bernie's political
 body on ground outlined in chalk!
 Followed by lots and lots of media
 talk about who is gone and who is
 next to balk. On other side of city
 without pity TRUMP! TRUMP! YES
 IT IS TRUMP! And in San Francisco
 it is official POT DAY which might
 explain away yesterday. Why listen
 to daily morning blues about items
 of which you have no clues. Like
 getting up to go pay daily dues.......

 Wonderful weather for annual outing
 in Golden Gate Park here in city that
 shows some pity. If it takes pot to put
 all into mood of "just getting along"
 and "having fun", have some! I can
 recommend "Barry's Blend!" Some
 "mowy wowy with purple kush and
 real comfortable seat for your tush!
 Have "Barry's Better Bang Bar" and
 your day will be as much fun as mine.
 Now that is fine...some Tapestry wine.

 World of "wars out there" is in full
 spring invasion mold. Can you believe
 what "we" are told? There are NO PLANS
 wants Saudi Arabia and Iran to fold and
 everyone can just get along.....hoping for
 the best as "he" retires to the nest.....

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party         QUACK! 


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