Monday, April 25, 2016

MONDAY MORNING................................

 Nice sunny Monday morning
 with ongoing Prince mourning.
 Minnesota going to officially
 make purple state color.....
 This morning one of the three
 GOP candidates dropped out,
 without much of a shout. He's
 loser in sixth round of a twelve 
 round bout. But from beginning
 there was doubt and now it's up
 to Cruz to win or lose! Well that
 should have "you" singing blues.
 Right on music sheet were clues.
 So it is not hot right now news.....

 Hilary and Bernie.
 Hilary and Bernie.
 Go together like
 Bert and Ernie!
 Coming to end of
 political journey!
 Will Hilary win and
 Sesame Street lives
 in sin? Can Bernie
 take one on the chin?
 Is either an historian
 who knows of Ho Chi Minh?
 Bernie can't stop getting older
 but can Hilary ever again be thin?
 In end it will be one with best grin!
 Me? Ordering quart of cheap gin.......

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party     QUACK!     

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