Sunday, April 24, 2016


 San Francisco awoke to another
 wonderful sunny Sunday morning.
 For Prince there is mourning......
 With an after thought about Prince
 the "Media Party" took their turn.
 Immediately on other two parties
 began long hot burn. Have "their"
 say and don't have to pay!

 GET TRUMP is on everyone's lips.
 All "the secrets" coming out to sink
 fleet of ships. Not one word about
 Hilary's fifty inch hips! Commentary 
 on "Bernie's Tips" for better living.
 Then on to the "Get Trump Show!"
 What has NOT BEEN SAID is right
 in our neighborhood faces. WHO has
 spoke of National Homeless Plan?
 What drug problems solutions do not
 include dropping earlier ban? Getting
 an education of "knowing of" but DON'T 
 "KNOW ABOUT THINGS!" It's like coming
 to the table and bringing nothing.........   

 Natural disasters around world. 
 Man made wars going on around world.
 Man made homelessness going on all
 around the world. Drug of choice is now
 EVERYONE'S CHOICE! Will someone tell
 me when sanity lost its voice?

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil           QUACK!

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