Thursday, April 7, 2016

THURSDAY AT NOON..............................

 Overcast but some sun and warm
 weather on this Thursday at noon.
 Helicopter circled overhead for
 more than an hour and was gone.
 TAPE AT FIVE! Out there on tour
 for president is Bernie keeping it
 very alive. Trump not ready for a
 run just to stay alive. Will NOT bow
 out or take a dive. Trump more like
 queen bee who lost her hive and
 won't buzz away or take jive!

 Wild fires in Oklahoma, flooding
 in Mississippi. Neither place was
 very nice back in the day to any
 hippy! Not nice to be snippy......

 The Wood Memorial on Saturday with
 many looking for points into derby,
 Kentucky that is. DON'T BUY TOUT 
 Going out to cash in numbers winner
 for some positive reinforcement.....

  Barry McChangky        *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK!

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