Thursday, May 5, 2016

BYE BYE ALICE.................

 There goes my Alice.
 Fleeing from The Palace.
 Possible arrival of Trump
 is just too much malice!

 Bye Bye Alice.
 Bye Bye Alice!
 World has turned
 oh so callus. I think
 "we're" going to take
 economic dive. Only 
 The One Percent survive!
 Bye Bye my Alice, good bye.

 There goes Hilary!
 Leading lady of DEM opera
 honoring most silly. Only 
 husband called Billy who 
 chased that filly named?
 Bye Bye Hilary.
 Bye Bye Hilary!
 Here comes Bernie who
 is NOT willy nilly! Knows
 how to warm up to people
 unlike Hilary turning many
 so damn chilly!

 Knuckleheads heading
 into your palace and will
 there be scenes right out
 of Dallas? Who will pray
 for us and drink Alice's
 blood from golden chalice?
 Smokey the Bear was heard to
 utter," OYE VEH!!" Will there be
 one more day................

  Barry McChangky      *8-| rolling eyes        QUACK!

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