Thursday, May 5, 2016

THURSDAY AFTERNOON......................

 Another overcast day with
 drizzle and chill. Local birds
 seem to have had their fill.
 Have not even seen a duckbill! 
 Betting and winning today at
 Belmont but another day of
 favorites, so far. Saturday is of
 course Kentucky Derby Day with
 twenty horses to start in a 1 1/4
 mile race. First 1/16th is a killer
 of all getting good start. No room!

 Pools will be giant tomorrow as well. 
 The Oaks on Friday to draw lots of
 betting interest. GOOD LUCK! 
 All around world there is turmoil.
 No kind to be remedied by a moil!
 Hatred being brought to a boil as
 governments continue not to play
 according to Hoyle. England may
 leave European Disunion but not to
 find someone royal. Everyday here
 in land of Alice to "meet" bills longer
 hours many need to toil! Only large
 conglomerates "own" the soil and
 Trump wins just to foil and will now
 become "MASTER MOIL!" Look out!
 Oy veh just another day........

   Barry McChangky      *:"> blushing          QUACK!

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