Monday, May 23, 2016


 Wonderful but chilly day for
 San Francisco following on
 going political war on the
 home front, war in Syria, 
 Libya, Iraq, and so many
 "more wars out there!" It's
 no longer safe for Smokey 
 the Bear or Bambi that very
 dear deer. Did you wake up 
 this morning to get a beer?
 Sit down in front of t.v. and
 see there is nothing to cheer?
 On side of omelet have first
 bowl of daily fear?

 Watching racing from Plainridge
 with bigger purse than betting
 pool! For owner oh so cool but
 for bettor without opportunity
 for that greedy drool. Not cool!
 Going to New Yawk for Belmont
 Weekend on first. Just another
 romp in once Jewish Alps.......

  Barry McChangky      *>:) devil     QUACK!  

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